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My purpose during this lifetime, is to guide you all to your highest self. To decode your inner truth, to unearth your truest potential. I am here to divinely guide you to your power. To transmute pain into purpose. Dark into light. Confinement into freedom. You see, we all have beautiful gifts within and I truly believe the first step to accessing them is awareness. Knowing you're worthy. Knowing you're allowed and able to live out your highest vibrational self. Are you ready to re-member who you came here to be?


- An initial discovery call to establish             goals/blockages and desires

- Five 1:1 sessions with facilitator

- Meditations, sound bath, hypnotherapy 

  sessions (per client request)

- Journaling prompts, techniques and tools

- 24/7 access to facilitator

- Intuitive readings, energy healing 

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